Margreth Tews

Expert Opinion Coaching plus Subject-Specific Cooperation with Lawyers

Expert Opinion Coaching and Subject-Specific Cooperation with Lawyers

In general, expert opinion is decisive in determining the outcome of almost all court proceedings.

Especially in custodian and contact rights cases, expert opinion is of paramount importance. Cases in which the Court decides against the expert opinion of a known specialist are very rare.

I am familiar with the workings of this system, in both Austria and Germany.

I prepare the affected persons for the situation with the expert and the associated discussions, by explaining the procedure in advance.

This means that those affected will not suddenly be plunged into an unknown, frightening situation that they know to be of great importance to their case but do not perhaps fully understand. I prepare them so that they can focus on what is important with calmness and confidence.  (Fear and insecurity can escalate into unnecessary and counter-productive anger or aggression.)

My companionship and attendance at the appointments gives those affected additional security.

Note: “Preparation” for psychological tests does not take place! Results should not be manipulated.  However, positive communication and behaviour should be strengthened, and negative behaviour minimized. This is in the best interest of the person concerned!

For lawyers, I offer factual know-how in preparing the list of questions for the court expert, as well as participation in the discussion itself.  Through me, the lawyer has the opportunity to use a knowledgeable person in order to anticipate arising questions appropriate to the subject.