Margreth Tews

Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance

General: all subject areas.

In particular: focusing on children living with divorce or separated parents.

During a parental separation, a wide variety of behavioural problems can arise in the affected children, which demonstrate how difficult they find it to adjust to the new situation.

Parents who are separated often run the risk of over-protecting their children, using them as partner substitutes, and much more.

Counselling helps bring the situation under control by making parents more aware of their actions, which prevents children from being unnecessarily burdened at a particularly difficult time.

Especially in situations of separation and divorce, children need clear boundaries and consistent leadership from adults.  They should be shielded from having to make tough, adult decisions for which they aren’t ready. (For example, it would be fatal to let children decide for themselves whether they want to see the second parent or not.)