Margreth Tews

Margreth Tews

Life and social counselor, coach and mediator

in Austria and Europe


I am here to assist and advise you in coping with and finding solutions to the many and varied challenges that daily life, both privately and professionally, poses.

Particularly in emotionally stressful situations, it is of great importance, but great difficulty, to make the right decision without losing sight of the bigger picture. 

Having an experienced and reliable professional to guide you can be of great help in finding a solution to even the most intractable of problems.

And I never give up.  Ever.

Not least due to this attitude, I have succeeded many times, even in seemingly-insurmountable cases, in finding a positive solution to my clients’ problems.

In doing so, I call upon many years of professional experience both at home and abroad – I have been working independently in private practice since 1998 – and I know how to apply my experience in a positive and goal-oriented manner to guarantee the best possible outcome for my clients.


In today’s increasingly chaotic world, it is more and more important to have the support of a competent and experienced specialist to achieve the best possible result.

This requires strategic planning and solution-oriented consulting work to prevent an unnecessary waste of time and financial resources.

Especially where children are affected, fast, goal-oriented and efficient action is needed!

Due to my long-term specialization, also in family law and family disputes, I can guarantee an effective, goal-oriented approach to maximise your chances of success.

Whatever it is you are facing, I look forward to advising and accompanying you on your way to the best possible outcome!



  • Life-coaching and social counselling
  • Mediation in all areas of conflict
  • Psychological counselling
  • Psychosocial counselling and accompaniment
  • Coaching and personality development/training
  • Individual crisis intervention
  • Communication training
  • Conflict management – strategic, personal and individual
  • Supervision

Professional/ Business

  • Conflict management in all areas of business and trade
  • Coaching & personality development / training
  • Supervision
  • Assistance in labour disputes for employers and/or employees, mobbing, etc.
  • Assistance in the dissolution of teaching and employment relationships

Family law

  • Mediation
  • Psychological counselling
  • Psychosocial counselling and accompaniment
  • Educational counselling
  • Coaching and communication training
  • Conflict assistance in visitation and custody cases
  • Accompanied visits
  • Accompaniment to lawyers, authorities, experts, youth welfare offices, family courts etc.
  • Court accompaniment/ facilitation

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